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Media Publicity



The architecture, construction and planning media are mainly based in Beijing and Shanghai. The most representative media fall into two categories: one, is subordinate to the departments of national construction and professional management, and two, is run by colleges. As there is not a big reader s audience for architecture and urbanism, there are only a few “independent” magazines that survive. Most of the architecture magazines are run by departments of national construction or by colleges, such as Architectural Journal, Tsinghua University’s World Architecture and Tongji University’s Time + Architecture magazines. 

Since the Chinese architectural world is producing “stars” of its own, more and more mainstream media – fashion and life style magazines – feature articles on architecture and interior design. These articles make architecture more visible for a broad audience but hardly can be considered as providing in-depth analysis. Although many express the need for a more critical architectural climate, it is widely acknowledged that the media is not fulfilling a more critical role. As a result, many architects simply ignore Mainland architecture magazines.

Websites and BBS

There are some very popular architecture websites that serve as discussion forums.  The most prominent one is Architecture BBS (www.abbs.com.cn). It also features job postings; and the forum is a private initiative. In simplified Chinese, it is mainly used as a hub for the emerging Chinese architectural community. It holds over 1,630,000 users, most of whom are architects, architecture students, researchers and real estate development employees. The Urban Planning Online website is set up by the government and has a pretty good following.  FAR 2000 aggregates and produces architectural news and is powered by the conglomerate (rendering) company Crystal CG.