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Beijing Contemporary Music Academy


Beijing Contemporary Music Academy (CMA) is following closely the development trend of arts, mainly engaged in training the practical and compound talents for fields of music media, international performance business and film & TV entertainment industry etc.

CMA was founded in 1993 and was authorized by National Education Committee of China in 1996.

CMA offers courses of Popular Singing, Musical Singing, Jazz Music Performance, Music Production, Sound Recording, Music Education, Dance Performance & Education, Modern Dance, Ballroom Dance, Film & Television Performance, Broadcast & Host, Animation Production, TV Shooting, Arts Design, and Arts Administration. It established 6 Study & Research Institutes, such as Popular Music Study Institute, Music Media Study Institute, and two performing Groups, Beijing Contemporary Dance & Singing Group and Beijing Jazz Music Group. Nowadays, CMA becomes the cradle of Music Media Education in China.

The Academy covers an area of 100,000㎡,and a total floor space of 65,000㎡.It is an international standard Training and practice base, including 4,000㎡ Performance Hall,350 Standard Practicing Rooms, 32 Dance Practicing Rooms, 8 Audio Studios, 6 Video Studios,16 MIDI Studios and Double Keyboard Studios. The Academy also established Film & Television Program Production Center, Animation Production Center, Internet Administration Center, Library & Learning Center which covers an area of 1,350㎡,with 200 computers. The Library & Learning Center provides an Internet Interactive Platform, on which the second class activities are conducted. The various off-class activities received warm welcome and acclaims.

The development strategy of CMA is aiming the education targets at the emerging profession fields which are promising but difficult to follow up for traditional art education, focusing on the Chinese urbanization process and the huge shortage of professional talents caused by the rapid development of Culture Industry. Through broadening thoughts, resource optimization, comprehensive analysis for contemporary music education, CMA gradually established a remarkable complete music education system oriented to professional education.

In the past decade, CMA has been striving to attain its goal of being one of the first-class music academies in the world, produced more than 10,000 qualified professional talents for society. Some graduates of CMA has smoothly stepped into professional fields, such as music media, film & TV entertainment, news media ,animation and stream media, become successful actors, band men, directors, editors, designers, producers, brokers, hosts, staffs of Wireless Value Added Service and music copyright companies. The academy cultivated groups of precious talents for Beijing even for the national cultural industry.

So far, CMA has already realized the strategic diversion from the sole discipline to the comprehensive disciplines, become an education pioneer in industries of domestic Music Media, Film & TV Entertainment, and International art Performances. The academy is a comprehensive arts college with 29 majors, 50 professional training directions, nearly 800 staff, and about 6500 students.

Since the foundation of CMA, especially in the recent 3 years, her students have been awarded more than 300 prizes in all kinds of vocal shows, music instruments and dance competitions home and abroad, of which there are 5 intercontinental awards.

The academy insists on all-round opening up education, holding the principle of arts education should integrate with society, market, international standard, and era. CMA has formed a modern education format with different level, compound knowledge, convenience application and obvious edges, which received the acclaims from educational leaders.

The academy persisted in that private universities should collaborate with state-owned universities, domestic education institutions should cooperate with oversea education institutions, the arts education should integrate with science & technology education, and vocational education should combine elite education. Up to now, CMA has established stable and friendly collaboration relationships with Central Conservatory of Music, Minzu University of China, Jilin College of art, Oklahoma university of America, Leeds College of Music, France International Music Academy, Paris International Movie College, Bournemouth University and South Birmingham College etc.

The faculty of CMA will always uphold the integrity of all traditions, adhere to a rational conscience and meet the time’s needs , expanding educational space, and constantly explore the new world for modern arts education which has Chinese characteristics.

No. 68, South Yunjing St.Tongzhou District
101121 Beijing
Phone: 0086-010-81571111-8047