Film Academy of Tongji University


Tongji University Film Academy, which was established jointly by Tongji University, Shanghai Film Group Corporation, Shanghai Film Investment & Management Co. Ltd. is Tongji University’s 19th academy with undergraduate course. In the preliminary stage, it establishes 4 undergraduate courses of Screenwriting -Director of Broadcast & TV (film director-oriented), Photography, Animation (film digital-oriented) and Drama, Film & TV Literature. And it’s applying and preparing to establish the undergraduate courses of performance, management of cultural enterprises (film producer-oriented), theater stage art and makeup etc. The academy aims to cultivate the film artists, film technologists and film entrepreneurs with the comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Tongji University Film Academy is now a secondary academy of Tongji University and the teaching and practicing places are located in the campus in Tongji University and Shanghai Film Studio’s shooting base separately. But in future, it will become Shanghai Film Academy which has more broader space of development.

67 Chi Feng Road
200092 Shanghai
Phone: +86 21 65988781